On the path in Sri Lanka

Leaving behind the cold and dark winter days of January, our intrepid group was welcomed as honored guests at Colombo’s international airport. Garlands of flowers were placed around our necks—followed by the warm embrace of moist tropical air as we stepped outside. Lush greenery punctuated with a riot of flowers, surrounded the our seaside hotel with views of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is a stunningly beautiful island with varied eco-systems Read more [...]

Machu Picchu—in the Moment

As a general rule, I don’t like crowded places or checking off ‘must-see’ monuments, but I was determined to visit Machu Picchu with an open mind. The train ride from Ollyantaytambo was eye-opening—as the peaks around us gradually became draped in brilliantly hued bromeliads, riotous vines, lush flowers, trees and shrubs of all kinds. After arriving in Aguas Calientes along the Urubamba River, we checked into our hotel and caught the bus Read more [...]


If you want to experience India at its most colorful – consider going when you can participate in some really wonderful celebrations. From lively Holi to renown literary and music festivals, there’s something for everyone. Check out our top picks: JANUARY Jaipur Literary Festival, Jan. 21-25, 2015 Featuring Paul Theroux, Amit Chaudhuri, Elizabeth Gilbert & dozens more authors from around the world. This is the world's largest free literary Read more [...]


A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. —John A. Shedd Last summer Heather and I took a couple of days off in the mountains to reflect on our business. It was during the worst of the wildfires that were raging in Washington State. A fire camp in fact was set up next to where we were staying—with hundreds of tents that would fill up at night with exhausted firefighters. As the smell of smoke was washed away by Read more [...]

What’s your dosha?

If you have no idea what a 'dosha' is — then you can take a simple quiz or you can have a lot more fun by traveling with us to India, where Ayurveda all started thousands of years ago. 'Ayur' which means life, and 'veda' which means knowledge, is a holistic health and wellness practice that believes we're all comprised of one or more 'doshas' or energies that relate to our physical characteristics and mental attitudes. I learned that I’m a Read more [...]

Victor the Croc Catcher

Victor gets my vote for the bravest man I’ve ever met. He was my river guide for a sunset cruise on the mighty Zambizi River—the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. His smile was engaging as he expertly piloted the motorized boat with guests from the wonderful Tongabezi Lodge, located upriver from Victoria Falls. Victor named bird after bird and pointed out the hippos and crocs that eyed us as we cruised slowly past. We were headed for Read more [...]

Dewalokam: A Slice of Paradise in India

Set on a lazy river, surrounded by jungle, a rubber plantation, bananas, jackfruit, papaya, and a lush spice and herb garden—Dewalokam is an organic farm, and the home of Sinta and Jose in Kerala, India. Schoolteachers by profession who inherited the family property, they built a guesthouse some years ago, and sustainably manage animals, food production, and employ enough staff to support 16 local families. Sinta and the village women who work Read more [...]

Sailing the Galápagos

Long before the Galápagos Islands were designated Ecuador’s first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, there were the four Angermeyer brothers—Karl, Fritz, Hanz and Gustav. Escaping Nazi Germany aboard a sailboat, the brothers made their way to the Galápagos and created a life for themselves, initially— à la Robinson Crusoe. Boatbuilding and eventually tourism became the family legacy and today their descendants operate the Read more [...]

Sri Lanka—the next Bali?

Many travelers have experienced lush, exotic, spiritual Bali but few have yet to discover Sri Lanka—another captivating island that's just as unique in the world for it's beauty, spirituality and rich cultural history. Sri Lanka is a small island with a big history—home to explorers, spice traders and some of the world’s most ancient Buddhist monuments and temples. Visitors can experience four UNESCO World Heritage Sites within a historically Read more [...]

Come Home to Kerala

If Kerala is calling your name, as it did ours, we’d like to invite you to join Yoga and Ayurveda Instructors Laura Humpf and Wendy Dion on a very special journey. You'll practice yoga daily while incorporating Ayurveda into your life—all the while surrounded by the warm and welcoming people of tropical Kerala. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga, a deeply healing health system centered on achieving an open and balanced state of being. Practices Read more [...]