About Us

About Us

We’re cultural adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts who have a passion for the outdoors, art, architecture, history and a good meal! We offer life enhancing trips to many of the world’s most fascinating places – custom made just for you, your friends, non-profit or special-interest group.

Our mission is to explore, connect, give back and most importantly, enjoy the journey. Whether by hiking, sailing, hot air ballooning, jeep or camel safari, plane, train or automobile, choosing PONTE TRAVELS is a choice for responsible tourism. Your travel dollars benefit local communities, safeguard wildlife and help support NGOs who are working to improve the lives of millions.


Marta Rabins

Co-founder & Managing Director

Marta’s travel experiences began as a babe in arms. Born in Rome and baptized in St. Peter’s, by age 15, she’d attended schools in Paris, Guadalajara, Dublin and the U.S. After graduating from Western Washington University with degrees in Spanish and French, she started working as a tour director.

Next up, she joined an international adventure travel company, where she organized tours for non-profit groups and led trips to every continent except Australia. Other jobs included cooking in an Alaskan exploration camp, charter sailboat operations in the Caribbean, insurance agency owner, aspiring novelist, managing editor of an interior design magazine and marketing copywriter for a fashion retailer.

Marta co-founded Ponte Travels to share her passion for travel, to give back, and to offer customized journeys that go beyond sightseeing. She believes that travel has the opportunity to enrich all of our lives through shared experiences and an appreciation for the cultures, wildlife, people and places that make our world a fascinating place.

Heather Murchison

Co-founder & Managing Director

Heather was born in Germany, raised in the U.S. and has traveled all her life. Half Brazilian, she is fluent in Portuguese and though she’s a U.S. citizen, she’s a Brazilian at heart in her love for singing, dancing, cooking and the amazingly diverse culture of her second home.

A scientist by training, Heather holds a PhD in chemistry from Arizona State University with an emphasis on biological chemistry. Heather also worked as a freelance translator (Portuguese to English) specializing in scientific and medical translations and spent 14 years working as a project/program manager for a large software publishing company. She’s a passionate team builder, whose managerial skills and desire to work towards the greater community good have led her to serve on the boards of a number of non-profit organizations.

Heather co-founded Ponte Travels to bring her love for travel and its transformative potential together with her desire to connect people while making a positive contribution to our world.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

Susan Cathcart

Director of Group Tour Development

Susan is excited to share her extensive tour experience with the Ponte Travels Team. A native of Wellesley, MA, she graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in History and Sociology. For 11 years, Susan was the Associate Director of Alumni Tours for the University of Washington where she managed and escorted over 25 groups to various destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia and the Middle East. Susan travels often to Ireland, Australia and New Zealand where she has family.

Susan’s roots run deep in the Seattle area non-profit community as well, having worked at the Seattle Art Museum, The Pike Place Market Foundation and the Henry Art Gallery in development positions. She’s passionate about the arts, education and global heath, and has served as a board member to many local organizations. Susan loves to explore culinary experiences in every destination she visits, and is excited to develop new food and wine itineraries for Ponte Travels. She’s a master at putting together custom-designed programs that cater to all kinds of groups. Just ask!

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