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Mary Stange

My passion for world travel was first sparked through a study abroad semester in Limerick, Ireland when I was 19. Since then, I have traveled to numerous countries — many of those with my two kids by my side. A career serving in the U.S. Navy inspired me to seek an advanced degree in International Relations from American University with a focus in Development. My work since then has further instilled my characteristic global mindset and dedication to encourage others to experience the world first-hand and support local economies. After separating from the Navy in 2015, my family began a new life chapter traveling the world, allowing them the opportunity to live overseas in countries such as Armenia, Colombia, and Cyprus.

I believe in the transformative nature of travel; that experiencing the world with respect and humility develops our tolerance, empathy, and most of all understanding of the world and ourselves. I also believe in sustainable tourism; and that in order to be true global citizens, we must take care of the world around us including local communities, wildlife, and the environment. I am passionate about creating unforgettable trips for the constantly curious and allowing space for exploration and wonder.

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We’re cultural adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts who have a passion for the outdoors, art, architecture, history and a good meal! We offer life enhancing trips to many of the world’s most fascinating places – custom made just for you, your friends, non-profit or special-interest group.

Our mission is to explore, connect, give back and most importantly, enjoy the journey. Whether by hiking, sailing, hot air ballooning, jeep or camel safari, plane, train or automobile, choosing PONTE TRAVELS is a choice for responsible tourism. Your travel dollars benefit local communities, safeguard wildlife and help support NGOs who are working to improve the lives of millions.