Chile defies many visitors’ expectations of an Andean country. It is developed, relatively affluent, and non-corrupt. Travel to Chile and you’ll discover one of the safest and most relaxing countries in South America. Its buses are comfortable and run on time; its people polite and respectful. Above all, though, visitors travel to Chile for its beautiful landscapes. The population is concentrated in the major cities, which leaves vast tracts of scarcely touched wilderness to explore.

When to go: we consider Chile to be a year-round destination, but to avoid crowds, aim for shoulder season in the spring (September-October) and fall (March-May).

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Spread over an amphitheatre of hills encircling a wide bay, Valparaíso is the most intriguing and distinctive city in Chile. Different from capital Santiago, its most striking feature is the array of houses – a mad, colourful tangle of them tumbling down the hills to a narrow shelf of land below. Few roads make it up these gradients and most people get up and down on the city’s ascensores (lifts), ancient-looking funiculars that slowly haul you up to incredible viewpoints.


Crammed full of secrets and mysteries, this region of Chile invites you to discover the magic of nature and its polar extremes. The driest desert in the world, the altiplanic villages, towering mountains, and imposing volcanoes are all vital parts of this fascinating area.

Easter Island

One of the most remote places on earth, tiny Easter Island is home to around seven thousand people. Virtually the entire population lives in the island’s single settlement, Hanga Roa, and most islanders make their living from tourism, which has been growing steadily ever since an airstrip was built here in 1968.

The Lake District

The Lake District in Chile is a region of lush farmland, dense forest, snow capped volcanoes and clear lakes – largely hidden in the mountains. It was once inhabited by the Mapuche, who fought off the Inca and resisted Spanish attempts at colonisation for 350 years before finally falling to the Chilean Army in the 1880s.

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